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Director Podcast Episode One, January 12th, 2006

Adobe / Macromedia Merge: Buried product. December 5th, Macromedia ceased trading.
Possible problems with new intel processor… will see if it runs with Rosetta or if a new version is coming out

INM moves offices, something new and exciting in March… maybe interview:

Xtra of the week: v12, v3.4
Use, games, customer info, database applications, online companion
Search, sort and retrieve data quickly
Full-text indexing
Multimedia file
Multiple data types (strings, integers, floating numbers, dates). media(pictures, sounds, palettes, etc
Cross Platform
Import other databases
Great support, quick support

Director Sighting of the week:

Resource of the week:
Media Macros:

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What to expect next: Xtra of the week, Sighting of the week, Resource of the week, Interview with Chuck Neal

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Episode 1