Contactless Payment Series -1- Dining Behaviors

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Show Notes:  Originally aired on June 30th, 2020

This is Part 1 of the contactless payment series… more than just contactless payments.

Poll results from my social media study: 

 “How are you thinking about returning to restaurants?

  • A) I’m ready to dine inside restaurants now (51%)
  • B) I’m ready to dine using outdoor seating only (18%)
  • C) The most I am comfortable with is pickup or takeout (27%)
  • D) I’m only going to do delivery for now (1%)
  • E) I’m not eating at or ordering from restaurants (3%)

This social experiment spawned an idea… let’s hear from somebody in each one of these categories and get their take on things, first hand.  This is the perfect introduction into our podcast series as it will lay the foundation groundwork for everything we will be talking about.  

(Interviews with five individuals, one from each category)

Studying these results give you the opportunity to find ways to enhance things that you do to increase the guest’s confidence and find ways to alter their behavior and drive more sales into your restaurant.  

RTN has a new Contactless Payment Workgroup.  Many industry leaders as well as many major operators.

RTN Launches Contactless Payments Evaluation Tool in partnership with Olive,Chris Heard. Members-only interactive tool for quickly narrowing down the field of tech players offering #contactlesspaymentssolutions.  I have tested it against my needs it selected things very accurately.  A job will done by Olive and the RTN.

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Don’t forget the contest…  This is the last day to give us a iTunes podcast rating for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card.  Winner will be announced on July 14th episode.

Next week’s show, we will be continuing with our contactless payment series and talking to Laurent May, the head of Ready.  This is a company and a product I was introduced to a year or two ago.  You are not going to want to miss this as Laurent is well versed in our industry and the needs for contactless solutions long before covid was upon us.

Please have a safe and happy 4th of July!

And until next time, stay safe, stay healthy….. and stay hungry my friends!

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