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Show Notes:  Originally aired on August 25th, 2020

Today, we will be talking about Digital ADA Compliancy and how to make your website compliant as well as what to do if you get notification you are being sued due to non-compliancy. Jacey Kaps, Attorney at Law for Rumberger / Kirk, will discuss what to do when you get notified of such an event as well as the legal implications around this. Anne Sallee, Senior Relationship Manager for DigiPro Media will discuss how to fix your website for compliance as well as some pre-emptive things you can do to prevent future lawsuits.

Jacey Kaps – Rumberger | Kirk

Jacey is conversant in issues arising from data security breaches, the ensuing claims, and regulatory investigations. He is able to provide guidance on cybersecurity risks and cyber incident readiness. Jacey holds the ANSI/ISO accreditation of Certified Privacy Professional US (CIPP/US) from the International Association of Privacy Professionals and Payment Card Industry Professional (PCIP) from the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. When online and offline privacy assessments and information security audits are needed, Jacey is able to assist his clients with identifying the relevant legal considerations and retaining the appropriate consultants to accomplish the task. Jacey’s litigation experience and lengthy tenure on his law firm’s Executive Committee also equip him to address cybersecurity issues unique to law firms.

Jacey’s team represents a wide range of clients with the depth and capabilities to handle the issues that matter to retailers including commercial and transactional disputes, construction disputes, intellectual property litigation, labor compliance, Medicare compliance, employment litigation, constitutional challenges and casualty litigation. He also consults with retail, restaurant and lodging businesses in overall litigation management and alternative dispute resolution programs.  For more information, visit

Anne Sallee – DigiPro Media

Anne is a committed and charismatic professional with a diverse and successful experience in business, legal, government and NGOs, including legislative advocacy, strategic planning, marketing, public relations, research, customer service, event planning & management, fund raising, risk management, goal setting, budgeting, policy and procedure. Phew!  As a mission-focused leader with an understanding of long-range and strategic planning to reach goals, she is able to lead and collaborate effectively to meet objectives and knock it out of the park!  For more information, visit

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