Learn How To Set Healthy Boundaries With Your Vendors

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Today’s show, I will be talking with Bob Gibson whom many of you know as the previous chief revenue officer of Jolt and spending countless years over at Micros and Oracle and now the COO and President of ConStrata. Do vendors hate customers? What is the breaking point? Is it appropriate to “fire” a customer? How can you make your vendor / customer relationship be healthy and fruitful? Having always been on the operator side, I certainly have my viewpoints so Bob and I will go head-to-head and have a very spirited conversation.

Originally aired on November 15th, 2022

This week I am here at the Restaurant Finance & Development Conference and the Digital Signage Expo, here in Las Vegas.  If you are at RFDC and are listening to this show, tomorrow, Wednesday, make sure you stick around and sign up and join the Technology Boot Camp where Zerrick Pearson, Galen Collins and myself will be teaching on various areas of technology in the restaurant industry.  Get your certification while you are there… for free!  Also, later in the day tomorrow, I will be speaking at the University of Las Vegas Hospitality College speaking with students there on “Restaurant and Hotel Technology.”  That is going to be a blast and am really looking forward to that!

I know this show was supposed to go live last week but we had to jump on the recap of MURTEC and, I promise you, this week’s show was worth the wait.  As previously mentioned, living on the operator side for most of my life, I had a very defined methodology for maintaining vendor relationships.  I would say they were more partnerships than anything.  When you engage with a vendor you need to have buy-in from both sides and you have to willing to work together to make it a fruitful and long-lasting relationship.  But what does that really mean?  What do vendor’s think about us?

My guest, for today’s conversation, is none other than Bob Gibson who is a seasoned veteran supporting Global Enterprise customers with complex Franchisor/Franchisee models, building out GTM strategies to support these relationships with his Hospitality, Retail, and Technology experience.

With over thirty plus years Bob is a SAAS veteran who understands how to build systems to reduce churn while helping overall revenue growth and increasing net revenue retention. His areas of expertise include but are not limited to Strategic Selling models, Go to Market Strategies and execution, Customer Service team builds and execution, Support Desk build and execution and Thought Leadership.   

He has over 20 years of experience in point of sale and served in leadership roles at Micros, Oracle and JOLT. Bob now serves as President and Chief Operating Office at the ConStrata group that continues to shape the technology industry in the hospitality, food and beverage space.

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Next week our guest is Leigh Gower, CTO at Dutch Bros which is a publicly traded company.  We will talk about her joining the company last year as its first-ever CTO, previously working at Blue Nile and T-Mobile.  We will also discuss how Dutch Bros is investing in technology to improve their customer experience on and off-premise, advancing the company’s rewards app (which just surpassed 4 million users in Q2) and her outlook on tech for beverage and drive-thru-only operations specifically.

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