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Want to learn more about blockchain, crypto currency, NFTs, the metaverse and all the Web 3.0 technologies out there as it relates to the restaurant industry? Today’s episode features Chad Horn, co-founder of Devour. Chad will break all of this down for us so that it finally makes sense!

Originally aired on April 19th, 2022.

Welcome to another episode of The Tech Chef!  This is your host, Skip Kimpel coming to you from beautiful and very warm South Florida.   Thank you for continuing to listen to this show and for those of you that are hearing this show for the first time, welcome!  Regardless of your listening frequency, if you have not done so already, please make sure you go to your podcasting platform and give us a 5 star review.  It is because of your loyalty to this show that has allowed us to be the number one restaurant, hotel, and hospitality podcast on the market.

On today’s show, I have Chad Horn.  Chad is a Cofounder of Devour, creating the fusion between restaurants and the blockchain. He’s on the team making crypto and NFTs easy, accessible and fun for restaurants and their fans.

This is a VERY interesting show and do a little bit of a deep dive on web 3.0 technologies, blockchain, crypto currencies, NFTs and the metaverse.  The discussion is particularly relevant as Devour is solely concentrated on the restaurant industry.

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Next week I have a session for you that I was able to record with David “Rev” Ciancio… yep, the infamous Rev that you all follow on social media.  Anytime I am around this guy, I am guaranteed to have an engaging conversation and an awesome meal. 

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