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Show Notes:  Originally aired on July 30th, 2020

This is BONUS episode and a break from the of the contactless payment series… In this episode I will be having a conversation with a good friend of mine for over 25 years, Brett Krueger.

Brett is a boutique hotel and high end condo developer in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. He has unique vision for his developments and a passion for his projects like I have not seen from anybody else. He personally takes on each development and curates everything down to the art hanging on the wall. Heck, I have seen him fly to Paris, many times, just to find unique items to install in his hotel environments to make his guest experience special.

He has experience in all phases of development from assessing properties for acquisition, finance, sales of residential condos and commercial hotels.
He was VP of MRK when they purchased, designed and built the Windsor Hotel in Asheville NC and the Ivey’s hotel in Charlotte NC. Both hotels he oversaw conceptualized, managed build out, opening and operations to a #1 status in their respective markets on 

For more information, please visit his LinkedIn profile at:

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