Restaurant Next 2020 Conference – Day 2 Recap

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Show Notes:  Originally aired on October 14th, 2020

Today is dedicated to coving the Restaurant Next conference held in conjunction with MURTEC and the Restaurant Technology Network. This immersive experience has tons of valuable content and well respected speakers who are our industry leaders. This podcast is a recap of day 2.

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Next Weeks show…

Next week I am starting a new exciting mini series on Native Delivery.  Yep, we’ve talked so much about it and it is trending in the industry right now so let’s dig right into it.  I have 3 guests coming on the show to talk about their take on how to solve for this problem.  First of is Ryan Pershad, who is the Global Operations lead for GetSwift, a software company who is a global leader in the logistics, last-mile delivery sector.  I personally have used their product and have a very interesting story to tell which will be a testament to the flexibility of their software in addition to their 5 Star support.  

We are even going to talk some details about that TCO calculator that I mentioned in the Native Delivery session yesterday. That alone is some exciting stuff!

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