Native Delivery -1- Benefits and TCO Calculator with Ryan Pershad from GetSwift

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Show Notes:  Originally aired on October 20th, 2020

Did you get a chance to listen to the last two episodes where I re-capped the Restaurant Next conference, if not, go back and listen.  AND if you still want access to the actual conference material, reach out to me or Anglea Diffley at the RTN and she will get you hooked up.

Today we are starting off a new mini series on Native Delivery.  This seems to be one of the newest trending topics in our industry and I am excited to have some pretty awesome guests to talk about the subject.

First in the series is Ryan Pershad, Global Operations Lead for GetSwift which is a software company who is a global leader in the logistics, last-mile delivery sector. Currently used by hundreds of clients in over 70 countries to deliver better and faster.

We are going to talk about the benefits and complications of Native Delivery as well as RTN’s TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) calculator to help figure out the profitability between Native Delivery, 3rd Party Delivery and Delivery as a Service. This can be a complicated puzzle to try to put together. You will learn how this tool will simplify that process.

Ryan Pershad, Global Operations Lead for Get Swift

Ryan Pershad is an intra-repreneur, formerly in the media space and now digging deep roots in the logistics space. For about the last decade Ryan has worked with a number of companies: from start-ups to public companies to accelerate growth. Through strategic partnerships, operational efficiency and product strategy.

He is currently the Global Operations Lead for GetSwift. A software company who is a global leader in the logistics, last-mile delivery sector. Currently used by hundreds of clients in over 70 countries to deliver better and faster.

Ryan has brought his experience in an advisory capacity to an increasing number of companies over the last few years such as Vidrovr a leading computer vision platform and CityMixr, an event platform driven by social interaction. Ryan is also on the advisory board of Angelwish, a philanthropic organization that assists families with children who are fighting a terminal illness.

Ryan currently resides in New Jersey with his fiance Dhara. They are currently house hunting. Dhara would like everyone to know they are also currently hunting for a dog-child. In his spare time Ryan indulges in his nerdiness by playing video games and is obsessed with basketball.
Ryan earned a bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University in Economics.

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Next Week’s Show…

This is just the first part of this series and next Tuesday I will have Bringg on the show to talk about their enterprise logistics solution.  As you know, the market demands more from your delivery and curbside pickup. Bringg allows you to meet these demands quickly and cost-effectively through unified technology.   They are able to do this by providing a full suite of front and backend applications to help leading enterprises maximize their capacity, efficiency, and speed.

Powered by artificial intelligence, our platform orchestrates every element of every delivery and fulfillment, ensuring orders are efficiently fulfilled at massive scale.

This is a a product trusted by such brands as Panera, KFC and many more brands and even by massive companies such as Walmart for their logistics platform.  A show you for sure do not want to miss!

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