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Kiosk Podcast Episode 10 Show Notes
Kiosk Podcast Episode 10, April 14th, 2006
Who I am
Website location
Reason for not attending KioskCom Show
Received brochures…. Didn’t tell about companies, what they offer, one hardware company we were going to feature, they did not list their website on their postcard and when we looked them up in Google, the website didn’t work!
Elo Touch Systems and nobody wants to do business!
Tranax Technologies Transactional Kiosk and Multi-Card Dispensing Kiosk
KioskCom Highlights:
Slabb kiosks had a Bently on display at their booth…
Apunix showcased their religious kiosk… You can select a sermon from a touchscreen, dispenses a bar-coded prayer card, allows user to make their weekly donation and then print a coupon for after-services lunch at a partner restaurant. You can also download the sermon to your Ipod. The amazing part is that the entire system was developed in just two weeks!
From the Fivepoint booth, they displayed the Hurricane Katrina kiosk which makes it easy for individuals to get the permits needed to begin rebuilding their homes and businesses. The city of New Orleans launched 18 of these units each of which allows individuals to apply for and if approved, print building permits in about five minutes.
St. Clair Interactive displayed a new touchscreen ordering system for Dairy Queen in California as well as emphasis on the company’s much acclaimed store solution for Giant Food.
The IBM booth displayed the Virgin HealthZone Kiosk which encourages club members to track their weight, blood pressure, body fat and other statistics.
Stories like these punctuate why you don’t want to miss these conventions… they are truly inspirational and eye opening to see what people are doing with kiosk technologies….
Anybody do the KioskCom Tour? If so, email me and let me know! I want to hear more about it and see if it lived up to your expectations.
KioskCom Awards:
Here is a complete list of winners that were chosen from a panel of 21 judges:
Best Kiosk Application in the Financial Services Environment:
Storm Solutions, submitted by WebRaiser Technologies, Inc.
Best Kiosk Application for Travel or Hospitality:
Swift Workforce HR Kiosk, submitted by KIOSK Information Systems
Most Creative use of New Technology in a Kiosk Deployment:
Mobile Downtown Kiosk, submitted by Mediasolution
Best Content in a Kiosk Deployment:
Sprint Interactive Center, submitted by Sprint
Best Kiosk Application in a Retail Environment:
Build-A-Bear Personalized Gift Card Kiosk, submitted by Nanonation
Best Kiosk Project Hardware or Enclosure Design:
CeroView 2800X Photo Kiosk, submitted by CeroView
Best Kiosk Application for Entertainment or Gaming:
Mobile Downtown Kiosk, submitted by Mediasolution
Best Kiosk Application for Government Education or a Non-Profit Agency:
Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles-Self Service Kiosk.
Best Kiosk Application in other industries:
BodySpex Kiosk, submitted by MEI
Best Kiosk Project Software Application:
GIANT Supermarkets, submitted by St. Clair Interactive and Agilysys
Best Transactional Kiosk Application:
Build-A-Bear Personalized Gift Card Kiosk, submitted by Nanonation
Best Non Transaction Kiosk Application:
Virgin Life Care & IBM: HealthZone, Submitted by IBM
Best of the Best Winner:
Build-A-Bear Personalized Gift Card Kiosk, submitted by Nanonation
Upcoming Shows:
The Self Service & Kiosk Show in San Antonio, Texas, September 28-29, 2006
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
Listener Feedback:
Jerry from CA: Where or Where has the Kiosk Podcast been?
A fellow Cheesehead writes: How does one get started in the Kiosk Industry?
Michelle writes: Our company has finally decided to put together a kiosk that is very unique for our industry. We have putting this off for a long time and did not really know how to go about it and didn’t want to throw money away. After listening to your podcast (just found out about it last week) I have listened to all of your episodes and I must say that I am quite impressed with the amount and type of information you give out. It makes my job a lot easier. I am now prepared to walk into a meeting next week and give informed decisions about how to proceed, thanks to the resources and information you have provided. You are doing good things for the industry and even help out Fortune 500 companies, like the one I work for (though I prefer not to disclose which one.) Thank you again for this valuable resource.
Kiosk Resource of the week:
The KioskCom Blog
Weekly Kiosk Experience:
Home Depot Job Application Kiosk
Website based, very confusing, not clear, not made for the level of person using the kiosk.
Featured Hardware:
LaGard – the leader in electronic safe locking systems
Featured Enclosure:
Compar Launch two new kiosk designs featuring the latest peripherals and capabilities
Closing Remarks
Contact Info,, 954-840-3677, website location:
Don’t forget our other podcast, The Director Podcast
What to expect next: Signing off, this is Skip Kimpel from Magicgate Software telling you to always remember to create a kiosk with a user in mind.

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