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Kiosk Podcast Episode Eleven Show Notes
Kiosk Podcast Episode Eleven, April 26th, 2006
Who I am
Website location
Elo Touch Transaction Results
Prescription Drug Kiosk
On-Demand Couponing
Music Retailing
Automated DVD Rental Kiosk
Continental Airlines installs its 1000th self service check-in kiosk
EDITH cashless gaming kiosk wins award
KIOSK Reveals New Brand Identity
The Self Service & Kiosk Show in San Antonio, Texas, September 28-29, 2006
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
Listener Feedback:
Terry from Utah writes: It was good to hear last week’s podcast. I was jonsin’ for my fix of the Kiosk Podcast. Thanks for the great show and keep up the good work.
Jenny Smithers from Colorado writes: I can’t wait to hear the outcome of your ELO story. I am on pins and needles! I also had a similar experience with ELO a few years back…. I see things have not changed over there. I wish you better luck than what I had.
Juan from Columbia writes: I just found your podcast and let me tell you I am excited to hear it! I work for a company that is about to launch a kiosk project and I think they are going about things wrong. After hearing your podcast, I confirmed in my own mind I was right. I am going to make everybody in the meeting tomorrow listen to your show.
Sandy writes: Wow, you really got some emotions out last show. I kind of like the ranting as it finally brings a voice to a very frustrating market at times. I am waiting to hear your next episode to listen in more about your ELO product. I didn’t have it happen with ELO but with a thermal printer… same type of story, hopefully not the same outcome. Keep up the good work and don’t worry about ranting…. As a matter of fact, I would like to hear it more often in your show.
Colin writes: I’ve made 10 kiosk applications and I’m fairly familiar with ELO. It is almost true to say that they own the touch screen field. How that has affected me is that they don’t provide drivers for Mac OS X. I think that they cost of the screens should include the cost of the drivers, but they’ve decided that most people are using Windows and just point to another company for OS X drivers. The licensing for that company’s drivers is expensive and complicated. I can hardly wait to hear how the ELO drama ends.
Kiosk Resource of the week:
Kiosk Planning Guide
Weekly Kiosk Experience:
Cingular Payment Kiosk
Info Touch Technologies Corp.
Featured Hardware:
1529 Touchcomputer
Featured Enclosure:
Source Technologies
Closing Remarks
Contact Info, email, 954-840-3677, website location:
Don’t forget our other podcast, The Director Podcast
What to expect next: Signing off, this is Skip Kimpel from Magicgate Software telling you to always remember to create a kiosk with a user in mind.

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