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Kiosk Podcast Episode Nine, March 22nd, 2006


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British Airways Announces Simpler and Speedier Airport Experience
To deliver the improvements the airline will further embrace technology, simplify its policies and upgrade key airport areas.
The first change in this process will be an evolution to the check-in process for customers flying within the UK. From April 25th, customers flying on UK domestic journeys will be required to check-in at using a kiosk at the airport.
Those customers who originate in The Americas will follow the same check-in procedure as they do now by checking in at or at a traditional airport check-in desk or at a check-in kiosk at JFK Airport, New York. Those customers who return from UK gateways and connect to their longhaul flight will need to use or an airport kiosk to check in for their entire journey.

Wal-Mart experiments with ‘upscale’ in Plano
The 203,091-square-foot store has the chain’s only sushi shop, more than 500 organic products and a wine department with more than 1,000 varieties ranging up to $500 a bottle. It features a Wi-Fi-ready Kicks Coffee CafÇ at the front of the store and a kiosk in the meat department that prints recipes and shopping lists.

INTERNET KIOSKS FOR U.S. LOCATIONS__Legal situation unclear__UBA Technology Inc. has entered into agreements with undisclosed clients to deliver proprietary kiosk-based, peer-to-peer betting exchange platforms for installation in stand-alone, self-operating kiosks, within traditional land-based casinos in select locations throughout the United States.__The announcement this week said that UBA has completed and delivered a fully functional operating system for which the host casinos have the ability to provide real time sports betting on a kiosk-based system. The interested parties are excited about its up-coming launch into selected casinos looking to break into this lucrative venue.__Kiosks will provide casinos an opportunity to increase their sports betting volume by strategically placing the kiosks in high traffic, well-travelled casino areas. These betting systems have the potential to include wireless devices, allowing casino gamblers to place bets from their hotel rooms, hotel restaurants and bars, and even poolside.__With high speed broadband and wireless services now available on a global basis, UBA is well positioned to market its betting exchange platform to qualified online operators. This software would give online operators the ability to generate additional revenues from their current casino and poker clientele.

ATM Machines Headed for $20b Market
The global market for self-service machines, nearly $11.3 billion in 2005, will reach $24 billion by 2010, an average annual growth rate of 17%. According to BCC Research, the global number of machines in service will grow from 2.1 million last year to 2.8 million by 2010, an AAGR of 6.1%.

Automated teller machines (ATMs) and vending machines will continue to be the driving force for this market; the history and technology is long-standing and well-tested, and consumers will continue to show their support. An offshoot of the ATM, the self-service kiosk provides information to users instead of currency. These kiosks will begin to take off through the forecast period as well, as more consumers worldwide recognize their versatility and cost efficiency, BCC said.

10th Annual KioskCom at the Mandaly Bay, Las Vegas NV, April 10-12

The Self Service & Kiosk Show in San Antonio, Texas, September 28-29, 2006
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

Ebay Advertising

Listener Feedback:
Jerry Mills from Ocala Florida asks:
I am new to the kiosk market (cross over from your Director Podcast) and have a question about software. In your opinion, do you think the majority of the developers are using Director as their software platform. If not, what else are they using? Thanks again for these two great shows.

Susie Johanson from California asks:
Really enjoyed your show last week with Nanonation. Brian seems to be very knowledgeable at what he does! We are a company looking to have about 100 kiosk built and deployed. We have found your podcast to be very helpful in finding and locating resources to make sure that we do it right. Thank you once again for your podcast!

Gerry Tyce from Canada asks:
I really enjoy your shows that have interviews on them. Don’t get me wrong, I like hearing you but having that occasional look on the inside from different industry professionals is really great to hear. Brian did a really great job last week and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work and keep bringing on the guests.

Sam from New York City asks:
Our company is interested in advertising on your podcast show. Where can we find more information about pricing, listener statistics, demographics and pricing?

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Blackstone Calling Card Kiosk

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Primera Technology Inc.
CD / DVD Duplicating and Printing Products

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Don’t forget our other podcast, The Director Podcast

What to expect next: Signing off, this is Skip Kimpel from Magicgate Software telling you to always remember to create a kiosk with a user in mind.

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