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Kiosk Podcast Episode Two, January 18th, 2006


Who I am, Company Bio

Why I am doing this

What to expect, interviews, information about kiosk hardware, kiosk software, enclosures

Show format, enhanced, direct feed link, request feedback for show format, length, etc.

Website location


Self-Service & Kiosk 2006 show in Orlando (Double Tree) February 13-14

You will be able to:

Discover the benefits of self-service strategies

Learn the secrets of successful projects

Test drive best-in-class self-service technology

Connect with the world’s top suppliers

6th Annual Kiosk Award Winners, announced at the Oct 18th Self-Service & Kiosk show in San Francisco

Best Retail Kiosk: WebRaiser Technologies with their DekkoMatic-AmeriGas Propane Exchange

Best Financial Kiosk: Source Technologies with their Express Bill Payment Kiosk at Verizon Wireless

Best Travel or Hospitality Kiosk: Hilton Self-Service Checkin Kiosk by Hilton Hotels Corp.

Best Entertainment or Gaming Kiosk: Nanonation’s Interactive Entertainment System which can be found at the KC Hopps Inc / The 810 Zone sport bar and restaurant

Best New Kiosk Application:  DekkoMatic-AmericGas Propane Exchange by WebRaiser Technologies, Inc.

Best Digital Display Application: Douglas Theatres Interactive Digital Displays by Nanonation, Inc.

Best Demonstration of ROI

Photo.Teller by Whitech USA Inc.

Best Kiosk – General Category:

Swift Transportation with it’s Swift Informer Kiosk by Netkey Inc.

We will dig into more detail in future episodes about these winners and maybe get some of them on for an interview.

Kiosk Resource of the week:

The Kiosk Magazine,

Run by

Weekly Kiosk Experience:

Office in Ft. Lauderdale, Print Newspapers, Choose edition, choose languages, print on demand. Live from satellites

Featured Hardware:

ELO TouchSystems

Featured Enclosure:

Parabit Systems, Inc. from Glenwood Landing, NY

Featured Guest: Chuck Neal from MediaMacros


Link to the FireFly Xtra:

Listener Feedback:

Brett, use company like us or others out there like MediaMacros… It is up to you but if you have the budget and don’t want to pull your hair out, it is always good to leave this stuff the people that know all the in’s and out’s of kiosk creation.

Closing Remarks

Contact Info, email, 954-840-3677, website location:

Don’t forget our other podcast, The Director Podcast

What to expect next: More resources, more kiosk hardware, software and enclosures, matter of fact, I will try to get an enclosure manufacturer for an interview.  Signing off, this has been Skip Kimpel from Magicgate Software telling you to always remember to create a kiosk with a user in mind.

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