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Kiosk Podcast Episode Two Show Notes

The Kiosk Podcast Episode Two, February 8th, 2006

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Lead you customers did not mean to steal your customers.

We realize that podcasting is new to many people so we found a company that has created a PDF file with step by step instructions for new podcast listeners. Click on the link below or go to Choose one of the links below to download the PDF and in no time at all you’ll be enjoying podcasting. Link:

Self-Service & Kiosk 2006 show in Orlando (Double Tree) February 13-14:

PMA 2006 Photo Kiosk Central, Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida Feb 26-March 1st:

10th Annual KioskCom at the Mandaly Bay, Las Vegas NV, April 10-12
This year’s event focuses on how kiosks address and solve an organizationís business challenges and how to gain executive buy-in and funding.


Track 1: Revenue Generation
Track 2: Business Solutions
Track 3: Improving the Customer Experience

Express Tour of Las Vegas, Wednesday, April 12th

Make sure you start designing your kiosk that are ADA compliant for users with physical impairments. A stricter interpretation of the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA may mandate this in the future but as Kerry Bodine says, and I quote ìmost importantly, itís just the right thing to do More info can be obtained at

This would be an important question to ask your next kiosk development company. This page will discuss the physical aspects of the kiosk and how to comply with the act and as for the software side of it, visit for information on how your software can be 508 compliant.

Kiosk Resource of the week:

Weekly Kiosk Experience:
Kaufland Stores, Austrian grocery store company, Bottle Return System

Featured Hardware:
Neuron Electronics, Inc Magstripe Technology

Featured Enclosure:

Listener Feedback:
Two Emails
Who were the judges for the Kiosk Awards that were talked about in Episode one? (From Amy):
Lief Larson, founder and former publisher of Kiosk Magazine
Francie Mendelsohn, president, Summit Research Associates
Tamara Mendelsohn (no relation to Francie), Forrester Research
Peter C. Honebein, PH.D, co-auther Creating Do-It-Yourself Customers
Gary Pageau, group executive, Photo Marketing Association.

Closing Remarks

Contact Info,, 954-840-3677,

Dont forget our other podcast, The Director Podcast

What to expect next: Hopefully be reporting from the Self Service and Kiosk show in Orlando and getting some interviews from the organizers of the convention along with some hardware and software manufactuers. Signing off, this has been Skip Kimpel from Magicgate Software telling you to always remember to create a kiosk with a user in mind.

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