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Kiosk Podcast Episode Three Show Notes

Kiosk Podcast Episode Three, February 15th, 2006


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Joining us for the first time, especially from Self-Service & Kiosk Show, listen to previous episodes

All items from this show are related to the previously mentioned show

Bonus episode later this week, maybe Friday to cover more on the convention.


Self-Service & Kiosk 2006 show in Orlando just finished
Met a bunch of great people. Look forward to meeting more of you at the PMA and the KioskCom show in Las Vegas.

Lecturers such as Kerry Bodine, Alex Richardson, Doug Peter, Bob Fincher, Janelle Barlow, Ph. D who did the keynote address, Sandra Nix from D2 Sales who we will have an interview with on our Bonus Episode, Francie Mendelsohn who was FULL of useful info and had to restrict her seminar to 45 minutes when I could have sat and listened to her for hours!  Talked to her afterwards and said she would be willing to come on the show and share some of her knowledge and experience, so we will hold her to it.

New Self-Service and Kiosk show in San Antonio Texas, September 28-29.  We will be sharing more information from you when it becomes available.

PMA 2006 Photo Kiosk Central, Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida Feb 26-March 1st:

10th Annual KioskCom at the Mandaly Bay, Las Vegas NV, April 10-12


Kiosk Resource of the week:

Weekly Kiosk Experience:

Real Time Shredding

Johnny Podrovitz

Featured Hardware:

Immersion Technologies, Tactile Feedback Unit

Immersion Corporation, San Jose, CA


Featured Enclosure:

Instruments and Equipment Company

Sparta, NJ

Listener Feedback:

Jody from Michigan:  Are you going to be attending the PMA Show?  If so, how can we find you?

Jeremy from England:  Have you tried the ELO Touch Computer?  Can you explain what it does and if it makes sense purchasing one of these items or if it is just a marketing ploy to get more money?

Cheryl Jackson from Denver:  We are about to purchase a touch screen for our kiosk but are a little confused about the different technologies involved.  Can you explain these for us?

Closing Remarks

Contact Info, email, 954-840-3677, website location:

Don’t forget our other podcast, The Director Podcast

What to expect next:  We will be producing a bonus episode this week, hopefully on Friday but at the latest Saturday to cover more of the Self Service & Kiosk Show in Orlando including an interview with D2 Sales.  Signing off, this has been Skip Kimpel from Magicgate Software telling you to always remember to create a kiosk with a user in mind.

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