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The Kiosk Podcast Episode Four, February 20th, 2006 (Bonus Episode)
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Audio quality from last episode… portable recording and studio mic was peaking out with too much bass… will get those corrected for this episode and we have new portable recording equipment.
CBS has added 75 new countertop kiosks designed and manufactured by SeePoint Technology to Television City, its television research center and entertainment venue in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand hotel. CBS’ new kiosk systems feature 19-inch touchscreens. Visitors to the Television City research center participate in individual research sessions by viewing programming right from the kiosk and then reacting to the content by responding to survey questions.
Picture this: it is 2007, and you want to rent a couple of movies to watch on your home theater. You take your new video iPod to the car and drive over to Blockbuster. Most of the rows of videotapes and DVDs have vanished, though some containing best-sellers and popular classics remain. A number of kiosks have been installed where the video iPod can be plugged in to download time-expiring copies of movies.
New Self-Service and Kiosk show in San Antonio Texas, September 28-29. We will be sharing more information from you when it becomes available.
PMA 2006 Photo Kiosk Central, Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida Feb 26-March 1st:
10th Annual KioskCom at the Mandaly Bay, Las Vegas NV, April 10-12
Kiosk Resource of the week: Owned by
Weekly Kiosk Experience:
Big Red DVD Box
Phil Metz said they would like to come on in a future episode so we will try to make that happen.
Featured Hardware:
Smart Power
Houston, TX
Featured Enclosure & Featured Guest:
Sandy Nix from D2Sales
Listener Feedback:
Jerry G. from Ontario Canada: We really want to hear an interview with Kerry Bodine. We have read many articles written by her and would love to hear what she has to say. Her opinion is highly regarded in this industry…. Do what you can please.
Phillip in NYC says that if ELO does not answer your questions from last weeks podcast, I will be more than happy to answer them for you.
Christine Jackson from Wisconsin says: Do you have any more information about the Self Service kiosk show in San Antonio later this year?
Ted Simmons from Atlanta says: What does PMA stand for? You keep mentioning it in regards to upcoming shows but have never said what it means… please explain:
Photo Marketing Association International.
Closing Remarks
Contact Info, email, 954-840-3677, website location:
Don’t forget our other podcast, The Director Podcast
What to expect next: This week we are headed to the PMA. In just a few days, hopefully on Wednesday, we will have yet another episode of the Kiosk Podcast up and running with our final comments and products from the 2006 Self Service and Kiosk show in Orlando. Of course we will be highlighting more resources, more kiosk hardware, software and enclosures. We are scheduling a few interviews from people we met in Orlando and we have some scheduled for the PMA coming up this week, also in Orlando. Signing off, this has been Skip Kimpel from Magicgate Software telling you to always remember to create a kiosk with a user in mind.

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Episode 4